Monday, July 22, 2013

I miss my old life.

Hi there.I'm Fucking bored today. I want to share someting with my followers. Suddenly i noticed that this month too many problem i get in only one times ! family problem, relationship probelms, study prublems, its kill my day you know, I'm totally sad with what happens to me now but i know what ever happens i should face it. My day full of tears now coz i miss and lose someone who really meaning to my life,  from now i regret with what i do, i make big mistake, i ask to many girl wechat id and she noticed it, act my reason is only to be friends coz i'm kinda bored, she busy with study life and i only stay at home and feel like my day empty. I know its my false but i act want show to you how my feelings when hears you give your phone number to senior2 in your class.I know what i do its false and now i seriously regret with what i do to you. I just afraid of losing you but now with what i do to you i was lose you. I dont know you and me still can together or not but i totally hope you will accept me back in your life. I die when long distance relationship, i act not matured in relationship but i know you understand me :') I need you coz after you left me i  like missing the reason to my happiness, i dont know what should i do now, i hope when i meet you in kedah this week we will be like old. I miss my relationship with you, i want my happiness back and i want you be mine back :') By the way i think you was fall in love at there, i dont know its true or not but i noticed... This
You fav this tweet, i know you only retweet or fav something with your life and situation only. Hm when i see you fav this tweet  automatic i cry. I just dont want the other guy take care of you. I jealous act. But its okey, if zureen jodoh afiq insyaaAllah kita akan kembali macam dulu. I think i should stop write, pray for me get my old life !! Thanks for reading :)

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